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Our Founder John:













John has always dreamed of making video games. Since he was a young boy, the idea of creating an interactive world that others can enjoy has always seemed magical to him.  After graduating from UC Santa Cruz with degrees in Physics and Computer Science, John could actually MAKE video games. That... that was a really cool day.

In founding LanziVision, he has been able to realize that dream and has found great enjoyment in creating games and apps that people enjoy and find useful.


Designing and building apps and video games is something that John has always loved. As the company grows, he continues to learn more and create bigger and better games.  Each game is more complex and more fun than the previous. Even now, John is learning how to adapt his apps to Droid, Windows, and Amazon tablets. The world of John's great games and apps is growing.   


John loves all of the games he creates, thus the motto of LanziVision - "We make games we want to play".  If you like one of John's games, then odds are you will probably like all of them!   Enjoy and don't forget to E-Mail John and challenge him to a game - he would love that!  (Yes, I would)

The LanziVision Story:













Way back when, in ohhh...ought 8 (2008 for you youngin's) John Mikelich (that's me!!) wanted to play a chaotic juggling game on the iPhone. After days of frantic searching, he found nothing (it was really frustrating!)  This led John on a quest to create the game he wanted to play. Upon finishing this game (the original BallBounce), he decided to release it on the iTunes app store (I mean I made it, and it was awesome, so why not?). Thus LanziVision was born.


John continued to create games that he really wished existed. First it was a fireworks game on the 4th of July (I wanted to see fireworks...), then he wanted to be a rocket-firing robot in space (I wanted to be a rocket shooting robot in space...), then his wife Jamie wanted a proper To Do list app (I was too cheap to buy her flowers...). Over the years, John honed his craft and his ability to make fun and easy to use games and apps across multiple platforms (Droid and Windows Tablets coming soon!).


So here we are! All we need to do now is wait to see what game John wishes he could play next... Stay tuned (Maybe a match game, I LOVE MATCH GAMES)!!